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Guangzhou Yihere Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. entered the life and health industry in 2013. It is located at No. 188 Kaiyuan Avenue, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is adjacent to Guangzhou Institute of Life Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company is based on family medical products and home health products. , R & D products, medical products, clinical medical products, Internet medical products, smart medical products, residential health big data products R & D production and sales platform, to create a great company to promote the health and progress of all human life.

The company consists of Guangzhou Yihere Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan Olni Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Shenyang Yihere Tengfeng Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries. It is a member of the China Medical Device Association and a member of the China Health Care Association. High-tech enterprise, standing director unit of Guangdong Medical Device Management Society, vice president unit of China Household Medical Devices Association, Guangzhou Science and Technology Giant Giant Enterprise, multiple school production and research bases, and intellectual property management system in compliance with the standard enterprise.

Guangzhou Yihere Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. pays attention to the development of global medical technology and the latest technology. Each product independently researched and developed includes a user-centered design concept. The company adheres to the guidance of academics and regards "people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, forging ahead, and seeking common development" as guidelines, and fully implements the "Medical Device Manufacturing Quality Management Standard", ISO 9001:2015, YY/T 0287-2017dit ISO13485:2016 Quality management system to serve the community with high quality, high standards and high technology!

The company plans to establish electronic engineering laboratory, software engineering laboratory, structural engineering laboratory, gas engineering laboratory, optical engineering laboratory, environmental simulation laboratory, to create a world-class R & D team.

In the future, Yihere Medical will further take root in the big health industry, apply medical science, serve people's health, make life longer, and make life happier.

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