Infrared Polarized Light Therapy device

Infrared polarized light Therapy device (also known as point-type linear polarized light near-infrared Therapy device, commonly known as super-laser pain Therapy device), adopt photoelectric technology to produce point-type linear infrared polarized light of 600-1000 nm, and the maximum light wave output power is up to 1.0W. The effective depth for the human body tissue can reach more than 5cm, which is suitable for the recovery period of soft tissue contusion, improve local blood circulation, promote swelling and analgesia.

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  1. Principle of action

    Infrared polarized light Therapy device produces strong light needle tingling and warm moxibustion effect by its own optical characteristics, and adjusts the human nervous system, circulatory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive system, endocrine system and immune system, thus changing the body's The pathophysiological process to restore physiological balance and maintains internal environment stability for therapeutic purposes.

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