Blood Pressure Monitor

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor is a medical device that uses modern electronic technology and indirect measurement of blood pressure to measure blood pressure. Because of its simple operation, convenient use, and rapid detection, electronic sphygmomanometers are widely used in homes, hospitals, and pharmacies. Our company's electronic sphygmomanometer has a unique appearance, automatic detection and quick display of results.

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  1. easy to carry, small and practical

    The product can be carried around, convenient to use at any time, beautiful appearance and small size

  2. Large screen Display

    The large screen is used to display various values, which is convenient for the elderly to quickly read the results.

  3. Easy to operate and easy to use

    It has a one-button quick detection function, and automatically releases the decompression after the detection is completed.


  1. Intelligent pressurization

    With the core pressure sensing technology, during pressure measurementthe pressure is intelligently regulated according to blood pressure, and it is more comfortable during the pressure measurement process.

  2. large capacity memory value

    Large-capacity memory values, reduce data omissions, and bid farewell to the note mode.

  3. Multiple numeric display

    High-voltage, low-voltage and pulse values are displayed on the large screen, which is clear.

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