Multifunction meridian pen WHT05

The multi-functional meridian pen is a high-tech electronic product developed based on the combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory of meridians and meridians and modern bio-engineering technology. It is a major breakthrough in the history of traditional Chinese medicine meridians. She can move on the surface of human skin flexibly, and the electric pulse punctures the muscle and activates it. Muscle cell tissue, effectively prevent muscle relaxation, but also can clear the meridians, relieve pain, etc.

This product is easy to carry and easy to use. It is a truly portable "meridian channel".

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  1. Smart and convenient

    Automatic hole finding and pulse output

  2. Five kinds of spotted heads

    Simulate five traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods

  3. Experience comfort

    Six-speed strength adjustment, simple operation

  4. Humanization of design

    Fashionable, lightweight and portable

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