Air wave pressure treatment instrument YH-YLB-305F

The air wave pressure therapeutic apparatus is also called a cyclic pressure therapeutic apparatus, a gradient pressure therapeutic apparatus, a limb circulation apparatus, or a pressure antithrombotic pump. The main principle of the air wave pressure therapy apparatus is to repeatedly inflate and deflate the air through the multi-lumen balloon, and evenly and orderly compress the distal end of the limb to the proximal end of the limb, forming a circulation ability to the limb and the tissue, and promoting blood flow. The lymph circulation machine improves the function of microcirculation, accelerates the return of limb tissue fluid, helps prevent the formation of thrombus, prevents limb edema, and can indirectly or directly treat many diseases related to blood lymph.

The airbags of the upper limbs and lower limbs of the product are divided into four small chambers, and after the control host inflates the airbags, the chambers form a certain pressure. When the first small chamber is inflated to a preset pressure, the second small chamber is inflated, followed by the third and fourth. The progressively inflating, maintaining, and deflation of the chamber can drive blood circulation and tissue fluid circulation, relieve edema, pain, soreness, limb heaviness, and intermittent claudication caused by limb vein edema and lower limb arterial ischemia. symptom.

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