Intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument YH-ZPY-A020/21/22

The treatment instrument is also called if electrotherapy,which is by low-frequency modulation of the medium frequency,so that both retain the characteristics of low-frequency electricity,and play the characteristics of medium frequency,and because of its waveform,amplitude,frequency and adjustment system constantly changing,the human body is not easy to produce adaptability problems.Patients in the treatment process,there will be push, take, press,squeeze,pull,knock, roll,vibration and many other feelings.

The treatment instrument memory multiple procedures,each current prescription has different modulation and combination,according to the patient's condition to choose different current prescriptions,two electrodes are placed or put in the treatment site,simple and safe operation.

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  1. Three designs, each with its own characteristics

    There are three styles to choose from, each with its own features.

  2. Easy to operate and safe to use

    The key layout is clear and easy to operate , and can adjust the treatment intensity by itself according to the weight of the condition and the stress degree of the condition.

  3. Digital display,clear color screen display

    The instrument uses digital tube display, can display treatment time, treatment prescription,all kinds of data show at a glance.

  4. Voice prompt, convenient and carefree.

    Support one-click turn on or use the end of voice prompt function.


  1. 10 program prescription, whatever you choose

    The product has 10 prescriptions, each prescription has different waveforms, modulation and combination, with multiple prescriptions to choose from.

  2. Specific frequency, safe and effective

    In a certain frequency range, the impedance of the human tissue is inversely proportional to the frequency, that is, the impedance of the human tissue to the intermediate frequency current is lower than the impedance of the low frequency current, so the intermediate frequency current can reach deeper parts of the tissue than the low frequency current, and the skin feels comfortable.

  3. Adjustable time range and current intensity

    The time range is 0 - 99 minutes and can be continuously adjusted; According to their own situation, adjust the current intensity at any time.

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