High potential therapeutic apparatus YH-9000-ll

Life science research proves: The Natural electric field, the Earth electric field is the human survival important environment, the day, the land, the person three electric field only maintains the balance, the human can keep the balance.

High potential therapeutic instrument is mainly through sleeping pads and cushion and other components and the formation of electric field between the Earth, simulating the natural electric field, adjust the day, the Earth, the human electric field balance, omni-directional supplement the dynamic energy of the human body and static rest energy, so that the body placed in a balanced electric field.

This product set high potential, negative potential, low potential, high-frequency and other functions in one, the use of high-pressure alternating produce similar to the nature of the electric field effect, increase the internal and external potential of the cell membrane, activate the intracellular and internal ions and promote its orderly distribution, balance the biological current and internal environment, improve overall health level, which is an ideal security Convenient operation of modern High-tech physiotherapy equipment.

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  1. A variety of features, easy to experience

    With high potential, negative potential, low potential, high-frequency and other functions, can be free to choose according to their own circumstances.

  2. Stable performance, low failure rate

    Using Advanced micro-control chip, has achieved stable performance, no fault characteristics.

  3. Safe, reliable and secure

    Using micro-computer control, built-in High-voltage isolation protection device, the treatment process is safe and comfortable.

  4. Special process, stable operation

    The high-voltage generator is manufactured by special technology to ensure the stability and safety of the whole machine.

  5. Intuitive interface, human-computer friendly

    User-friendly interface design, LED display, intuitive interface, easy to operate, easy to master.

  6. The whole machine structure is reasonable, the modelling is generous

    The whole machine design multi-style, reasonable structure, modelling generous.


  1. Low potential function, can be used when sleep

    With low potential/sleep function, it can also be used when sleeping at night ,and it also can enhance the body adjustment function.Low potential function, sleep can also be used.

  2. Bed mat, cushion choice, relax oneself

    Not only can choose the cushion in the relaxed time, but also may choose the sleeping mat to relax oneself in the sleep time.

  3. Potential output, body charge

    With 3000~9000 volt voltage output, charging for the body, the spirit of a full day.

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