High potential therapeutic apparatus

Life science research proves that the natural electric field and the Earth's electric field are important environments for human beings to live on. The electric fields of the earth, the earth, and the human only have a balance, and human beings can live healthily and longevity.

The high-potential therapy instrument is mainly used to form an electric field between the horizontal energy device and the seated energy device and the earth, simulates the natural electric field, and adjusts the balance of the earth, earth, and human electric field to fully supplement the human dynamic energy and static rest energy. The body is placed in a balanced electric field and a good electric field environment is obtained.

This product integrates high potential, negative potential, low potential, high frequency, and other functions. It uses high-voltage alternating electric field to generate electric field effect similar to the natural world, increasing the potential difference inside and outside the cell membrane, activating intracellular and external ions and promoting their orderly distribution. Balancing the body's biological currents and internal environment and improving the overall health level is an ideal high-tech modern medical equipment that is safe and easy to operate.

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  1. Special process, stable operation

    The high-voltage generator is manufactured by special technology to ensure the stability and safety of the whole machine.

  2. Human-computer interaction, easy to operate

    Interface display and keyboard layout are humanized design, easy to operate and easy to master.

  3. Unique style, generous shape

    The machine is unique in style, reasonable in structure and generous in shape.

  4. Large screen interface, intuitive and clear

    The large screen interface is used to make the information data clear and the old people can see clearly.


  1. Potential output, body charging

    With a variety of potential output, charging the human body, full of energy all day.

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