High potential therapeutic apparatus TYS-9000C

High-potential therapy instrument is mainly through the cushion and other components and the earth to form an electric field, simulate the natural electric field, adjust the balance of the earth, earth, and human field, omni-directionally supplement the dynamic energy and static resting energy of the refined, gas, and human body, so that the human body home In a balanced electric field, a good electric field living environment is obtained.

This product integrates high-potential, high-frequency, negative potential and other functions, using high-voltage alternating electric field to generate electric field effect similar to the natural world, increasing the potential difference between the cell membrane inside and outside, activating the inside and outside ions and promoting its orderly distribution, balancing the body Bioelectric current and internal environment, improve the overall health level, is an ideal high-tech modern medical equipment that is safe and easy to operate. This product is clinically used to relieve insomnia symptoms.

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