Dynamic ECG monitor

Dynamic ECG monitoris one of the independently researched and developed products of Guangzhou Yihe Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. It is a home healthcare equipment and is suitable for 24-hour heart rate monitoring and intelligent analysis of human ECG signals. In particular, it involves dynamic monitoring and on-demand detection and recording of electrocardiograms. It aims to provide a new type of digital monitoring equipment for primary care and family health care.

Dynamic ECG monitor is equipped with a 0.3-inch two-in-one high-brightness digital tube display. It has a highly accurate six-lead synchronous acquisition function, built-in high-performance processor and large-capacity storage unit, high hardware configuration, simple operation, rich functions and practicality It is very suitable for routine diagnosis of various types of ECG.

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  1. Small and portable, easy to operate

    Small size, thin and small, the whole machine weighs less than 100g, causing convenient;Fool-style one-button control, simple operation, easy to grasp.

  2. Day and night watch, real-time detection

    24-hour cardiac health data was not covered;The 6 lead (I, II, III, avR, avL, avF) heart observation during the uninterrupted use can be carried out immediately.

  3. Simultaneous interpretation, heart health audible

    Generalized results of voice broadcast heart health status

  4. Safety self-check, reliable performance

    With the connection line connection status self-check function, the power indicator on the instrument can be used to reflect whether the connection line is connected reliably (when the connection is good, the green light is on, otherwise, the yellow light is on).…


  1. Resists interference, powerful self-protection

    Patients with pacemakers can be fitted with cardiac observation and have a defibrillation function that does not interfere with the use of defibrillators.

  2. Energy saving, long battery life

    Micro-power design, built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, can work continuously for 30 hours after the battery is full;

  3. Mass storage, data will never be lost

    Power off automatic storage observation data: the use of the power loss of the iron memory automatic recording data, to avoid misoperation shutdown data loss.

  4. Clear and intuitive, human-computer interface friendly

    The 0.3-inch two-in-one high-brightness digital tube display has an intuitive interface and provides a clear understanding of the number of currently detected arrhythmias.

  5. vivid and comprehensive, data visualization

    The report can be printed after being connected with PC (including 10 times and 6 leads of ECG and 24 hours heart rate trend chart, report accumulated PVC times).

  6. human nature design, sleep all night

    Function button is designed to prevent wrong operation, which can avoid speech broadcast due to wrong touch and affect the rest.

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