Portable oxygen concentrator(3L)

This product uses air as raw material, AC220V power supply as power source, adopts high quality molecular sieve and air compressor, and extracts high purity oxygen from air through advanced pressure swing adsorption separation method (PSA method) at normal temperature. This method is pure physical method. Stable oxygen output, safe and reliable. The oxygen concentrator does not need any additives during operation. The whole oxygen production process has no pollution and no residue. The oxygen system can isolate the dust harmful substances in the air, and the output oxygen is fresh and clean,  provide you with a green and healthy space.


The product has long working hours and timing operation functions, which makes the operation simpler, convenient to use, low power consumption and low noise.


This product has a fine design and excellent workmanship. It is especially suitable for medical institutions and households to obtain oxygen.

Fully plastic housing, safe and reliable.

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